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31 stevia granular
It can be used to beverage ,enhance flavor,form no sediment or floc ,make clear color ,extend shelflife ,lower calorie.

32 stevia


33 stevia


34 stevia stevioside steviosin
General name: Stevia Pharmaceutical grade name: Steviosin (98%) English name: Steviosides, Ití»s sweetness is 40-300 times then cane sugar. Molecular formula: C38H60O18, chemical name: 13-[(2-O-beta D-pyranoid glucose base-beta D-pyranoid glucose b

35 stevia
Stevia Reb-A is the extract from the stevia leaf. It is 300 to 400 times as sweet as cane sugar and more tolerant to high-temperature. It is stable in both acid and alkaline solutions and there is no browning reaction when it is baked in food. Thus, Stevi

36 stevia extract & stevioside (alice@seaweedbiochem.
(alice at seaweedbiochem dot com) English Name:Stevioside Latin Name: Stevia rebaudiana Extract source: Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Hemsl Specification: 90%, 95% ,97% ,98%and 99%,by HPLC Appearance: white powder Actions: It is widely used in food,

37 stevia
Stevia is a new natural sweetener extracted from the leaves of stevia. Stevia has unique properties of high sweetness and low calorie. A lot of medical experiments show that the Stevia Extract is harmless and also Stevia will prevent people from many dise

38 ra 98


39 ra 98


40 stevia


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