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self adhesive bandage
Width: 2. 5, 5, 7. 5, 10, 15cm ect; Length: 4. 5m, 5m, 10m ect
Size&package Size Packaging details Carton size 1.25c
post: 青岛海创Krystal
high quality wholesale manufacture cotton kinesiology tape for s
Item:China Cotton Kinesiology physio therapy Muscle Tape Sp
post: carepromedic
eye plaster
different sizes
Our eye plaster is ISO, CE & FDA approved.
post: Erin- 珂人医疗孙漪
adhesive bandage
70*18mm, 72*25mm, 38*38mm, 76*45mm, 40*20mm, 40*10mm
nonwoven,fabric, PE, PU, PVC, cotton, elastic, waterproof,et
post: sentansha_joy
hemostatic bandage
Hemostatic Bandage
Indications:Applicable to the invasive arterial blood pressu
femoral artery compression hemostat
Applicable to the femoral artery interventional surgery to s
radial artery compression hemostat
Hemostatic Product
Indications:Suitable for radial artery interventional surger
gt068-100 wow gauze bandage
GT068-100 Wow Gauze Bandage
GT068-100 Wow Gauze Bandage: Specification: Cotton yarn:
gt083-100 triangle bandage
GT083-100 Triangle bandage
GT083-100 Triangle bandage: Specification: 100% cotton o
gt082-100 first-aid bandage
GT082-100 First-aid Bandage
GT082-100 First-aid Bandage: Specification: cotton fille
gt087-100 spandex elastic bandage
GT087-100 Spandex Elastic Bandage
GT087-100 Spandex Elastic Bandage: Specification锛? Crepe
gt088-100 pbt elastic bandage
GT088-100 PBT Elastic Bandage
GT088-100 PBT Elastic Bandage: Specification: Compositio
gt089-100 cotton elastic bandage
GT089-100 Cotton Elastic Bandage
GT089-100 Cotton Elastic Bandage: Specification: Composi
gt090-100 high elastic bandage
GT090-100 High Elastic Bandage
GT090-100 High Elastic Bandage: Specification: Compositi
gt091-101 self-adhesive elastic bandage
GT091-101 Self-adhesive Elastic Bandage
GT091-101 Self-adhesive Elastic Bandage: Specification:
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