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automatic wire drawing machine
1200*600mm 1900*600mm
Automatic wire drawing machine
post: RingMai
side wall and angle grinding machine
1500+360degree . 300MM, 450MM, 600MM/
Side wall and angle grinding machine
post: RingMai
special corner r seam pressing machine
300MM, 450MM
Special Corner R seam pressing machine
post: RingMai
large wheel pressing edge and angle machine
300MM, 450MM, 600MM
Large wheel pressing edge and angle machine
post: RingMai
wire drawing and double sand belt drawing machine
2050*1150*1500mm/ 2890*1400*1500mm/ 1750*2960*200mm/ 1750*3960*2020
Wire drawing and double sand belt drawing machine
post: RingMai
pressing angle and horitontal seam machine
500MM, 800MM, 1000MM
Pressing fixed point and angle and horitontal straight line
post: RingMai
pressing welding seam angle and edge machine
300MM, 450MM, 600MM
Pressing welding seam and angle and edge machine
post: RingMai
five shafts for gantry welding and buttom angle welding machine
500MM, 650MM, 1000MM
Heavy products need to weld, and numerours varieties product
post: RingMai
straight seam and girth welding machine
500MM, 800MM, 1000MM
Staight seam and line need to weld. and girth welding.
post: RingMai
angle and edge welding machine
300MM, 450MM, 600MM
Two shafts CNC angle and edge welding machine
post: RingMai
track pad for link-belt ls118/link-belt ls108bss crane
track pad for LINK-BELT LS118
track pad for LINK-BELT LS118/LINK-BELT LS108BSS crane trac
post: goldenfish55
processing metal parts
Processing metal parts
Moreover, our company holds a processing factory with good m
post: Vivien_Zhang
f00rj00005,bosch valve,control valve,bosch
F00RJ00005, bosch valve, control valve, bosch, control valve audi ,
China Lutong Parts Plant is a professional OEM & Aftermarket
ornamental iron machine twisting machine
OY-NN25B Type (Two-In-One) Torsion And Twist Machine wroug
post: oymachinery
stamped bending prototype
Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized steel, Aluminu
post: yoyoduan
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