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CIMAT offers two dynamic VNT calibration flow bench: Turbo Test
VNT flow benches allow to calibrate a variable nozle turboch
post: xibatuidi
joymeter smart ultrasonic heat meter joyr200

JOYR200 Ultrasonic Heat Meter is an innovative heat meter wi
post: Esperanza123
zjk flow measurement and control device
1ӢOverview ZJK series flow measurement and control device i
post: mdkj7736
4-20ma long distance differential pressure transmitter
-0. 1~0~0. 001~100MPa(option); 4~20mA or0~5VDCor0~10VDC or 1-5VDC
Description: China low Cost 4-20mA Pressure Transmitter Sen
post: Daisyyang002
newcon lrm3500m
Specifications Magnification 7x Objective lens 25 Field
post: onick
newcon lrb3000pro
Product Features Instant and accurate distance measurement
post: onick
newcon lrm1800s
Specifications Magnification 7x Objective lens 25 Field
post: onick
newcon lrm1500m
Specifications   Magnification 7x Objective lens diam
post: onick
am-mini infrared trigger camera
110x100 x68 mm
First, the product parameters Lens: F / NO = 2.8, FOV (fiel
post: onick
am-999 infrared trigger camera without mms
AM-999 wild animal infrared surveillance camera is the best-
post: onick
am-999 infrared sensor camera with mms function
130x90x60 mm
The AM-999 Wildlife Infrared Triggering Monitoring Camera is
post: onick
onickre50 binocular thermal imaging instrument
Onick RE50 binocular thermal imager is an uncooled infrared
post: onick
onick re75 single eye thermal imaging instrument
The United States RE75 Onick is a non - cooling infrared the
post: onick
onickowl nvg-h head wearing type low light night vision instrume
United States Onick owl VNG-H head mounted binocular monocul
post: onick
onick owl nvg-b
To give you a pair of bright eyes in the night Onick NVG-B
post: onick
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