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421 braiding machine
Braiding machine (1)No.of carrier: 20,24,36, 48, 64, 72, 96. (2)Braiding diameter: 6-13, 10-31, 15-45, 30-75, 51-110, 80-150, 150-400mm. (3)We provide wide range of hose and bellow products. By using own-designed expansion joint forming machine, our

422 tube expander
Tube Expander 1) Range: DN56-600mm; DN300-DN1450mm CNC control system/ manual control 2) No. of segments=8 nos 3) Work table:1690¡Á1690mm square 4) M, movement over diameter, max close to open=40mm, M can adjust between 0--40mm. 5) The tool materia

423 cnc metal part
For metal prototype we can also utilized aluminum¡¢stainless steel¡¢brass¡¢copper based materials£¬and even hardened tool-typivally 2 days. We use heat-shrink cutter holders for our high-speed spindles to ensure cutting accuracy.

424 cnc label printing machine
a)It adopts inclined bed design. When doing printing (or die-cutting), the machine will get in touch with the bed in a progressive mode which makes the pressure keep in balance, no matter what it is printed ¨Ceither background color or fine letters , the m

425 flexo label printing machine
g)Unwinding, printing, vanishing, drying, laminating and rewinding of roll material can be done in one process. It is characterized by wide application, no ink population, fast dry and quick print. It is an ideal printing machine for the commercial bill,

426 letterpress label printing machine
a)The shaftless control system precisely controls the servo motors to make the machine work under its best status. b)The machine adopts auto speed tracing system for ink volume supply. This makes the operator run the machine without attention for the i

427 offset printing machine
The machine can print PE,PET, PVC, Adhesive paper, plastic paper, almost every roll material.

428 concrete polishing machine
1.Automatic pressure adjust system,efficiency can be operation 2.Great exterior design for the machine 3.High-power frequency conversion motor is suitable to the requirements of industrial floor. 4.It is capable to work long time.

429 floor grinding machines
1. Adjustable ergonomic design, easy operation, save your time; 2.It can be equipped with vacuum equipment to achieve dry and wet working. 3.Multifunctional abrasive plates can intall all kind of grinding accessories to reduce costs as much as possible.

430 sanding machine
1. Machine frame adopt fix platform, main structure lifting. 2. Machine adopt flexible belt for feeding and frequency speed adjustment. 3. Rubber roller on sanding frame adopt flexible memories function 35 degree synthetic rubber. 4. Rubber roller equi

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