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191 pga/surgical suture
SURGICAL SUTURE LEG Features: 1.With features of lifelike shape and realistic touch, the model suitable for cutting and suturing exercise. 2.With wonderful elasticity and flexility of skin, each model can be used for hundreds of times.

192 sealing machine


193 ultrasound scanner
Main probe: 3.5MHz electronic convex array (96 arrays) Depth display: 220mm Resolution: Cross direction: two, 130mm depth and three, 130mm depth 160mm Vertical direction: one, 130mm depth and (130mm Blind zone: 3mm Precision of geometric position

194 sperm analysis system
Major examination items: Composition of sperm fluid: epithelia, red blood cells and leucocytes detection Number: malformed sperms, head malformation, tail malformation , body malformation, mixed malformation Malformation rate Consistency Sperm

195 digital electronic colposcope
It acquires optical impression of gynae by numeral science and supports real time dynamic image processing functions such as zoom in/out ,frozen ,acquisition ,video playback ,automatic focusing .

196 isopropyl alcohol
Isopropyl alcohol (also Isopropanol, propan-2-ol, 2-propanol or the abbreviation IPA) is a common name for a chemical compound with the molecular formula C3H8O. It is a colorless, flammable chemical compound with a strong odor. It is the simplest example

197 sodium hexametaphosphate
Sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP) is a hexamer of composition (NaPO3)6.[2] Sodium hexametaphosphate of commerce is typically a mixture of polymeric metaphosphates, of which the hexamer is one, and is usually the compound referred to by this name. It is more

198 medical material
Product Description 1, Material: PVC / PE / elastic fabric etc. 2, High quality 3, Materials of surgical tape, adhesive bandage, and any other medical consumables. Features High quality, all the materials are in high quality to make sure the finishe

199 wound adhesive bandage
Product Description 1, Name: Adhesive bandage/band aid 2, Material: PVC/PE/Non-woven/Fabric etc. 3, Waterproof 4, Stable adhesiveness 5, Flexible 6, Sterile 7, Easy-to-carry Features Waterproof, it can protect wounds from external moisture, flui

200 infusion bottle plaster
Product Description 1, Name: Infusion bottle plaster 2, Material: medicals 3, Non allergenic 4, Sterile 5, Waterproof 6, Easy-to-use Features Non allergenic, it is hypoallergenic coating with medical hot-melt glue and makes no harm to skin Steri

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