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1 natural 0.3%hypericum 10:1 st. john's wort extract
English name: St John’s wort extract. Latin Name: Hypericum perforatum L. CAS No.: 548-04-9 Solubility: Better alcohol solubility Molecular forula: C30H16O8 Molecular Weight: 504.45 Active ingredients: Hypericins, Hyperforin Specification: 0.3% H

2 st. john's wort extract
Synonyms: Hyperforin; Hypericins; St. John's wort Extract. Appearance: Black brown powder. Specification: 0.3% ,1%Hypericins UV; 3% Hyperforin HPLC. Useful Part: All grass. Plant origin:Hypericum perforatum L. Active Ingredient: Hypericin. CAS #: 54

3 st. john's wort extract
Number: ASTAR-003 Category: Standard Herb Extracts Effectiveness: Anti-Depression Sources and Habitat St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum in latin) is native to and relatively widespread in the temperate climes of Europe, western Asia, and No

4 st. john's wort extract
Latin Name Hypericum perforatum L. Chinese Name Guan Ye Lian Qiao Family Guttiferae Part of the use Aerial part Active Ingredients Hypericin and hyperforin Product Specification 0.3% Hypericins Product

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